Woven Fabric

Rolls of industrial fabric based on polypropylene raffia fabric for packaging, protection or other applications. Fabrics with or without lamination with UV treatment in a wide range of dimensions and grammage

Uses or applications

They are used as ground cover, packaging, conformation of flexible storage containers, thermal insulation, shading, roofing and others.


Polypropylene fabrics manufactured in circular looms, laminated and non-laminated, according to the specific needs of each client, in different widths, 45, 50, 54, 60, 67, 70 and 80, grammages from 56 to 200 gr / m2


Polypropylene fabrics manufactured from open circular looms with a side cut ultrasound, can be coated or simply unlaminated. They come in different widths, grammages and colors.


Special polypropylene fabrics manufactured in sulzer flat looms with thermal or ultrasound cutting, laminated and non-laminated, in widths from 45 to 320 cm, in weights from 56 to 220 g / m2

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