PP Small bags

Very Flexible, Economical and of High Strength and durability; They can be printed on both sides and provide the most varied and reliable packaging options.

Can be stored in an open area due to UV stability, Waterproof and dustproof design due to PE inner linings or outside lamination; therefore, the materials are protected from external moisture. Block Bottom technology filling valve, easy filling, palletizing, transport and storage, different presentations and sizes. They can be recycled, since they are made 100% Polypropylene

Chemical products, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, flour, grain, seeds, spices, legumes, dates, agricultural products, fish meal, livestock feed, sugar, salt, sand, rubble, gardening among others.

PP Woven Bag

Woven Bag made of polypropylene fabric printed in different sizes and 100% customized colors ideal for packing building materials, agricultural, cover a wide range of products, including sand, cement, fertilizers, fodder, seeds, waste, rice, sugar, flour, spices and much more.

PP Block Bottom Valve

Bag made with laminated polypropylene fabric designed with microperforations that help to avoid air to avoid efficiency in filling and closing. This type of bag with filling valve is very popular in the cement, lime and flour industries. For its appearance and capacity of stacking.

PP Coated Bag

Small bag made with polypropylene fabric with a coating layer that acts as a moisture barrier and prevents the loss of the product, is widely used for various packaging applications such as food products, fertilizers, seeds, among others.

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