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TRADECOR, was founded in 2013, we have a trajectory in the market of the commercialization of flexible polypropylene containers, with the support of specialists in the manufacture of FIBC, small bags, PP Fabrics and PE Bags, in China, India, Vietnam and Chile, guaranteeing the quality of the product, good service, delivery times and competitive prices.

We are present in the majority of the industrial sectors and of transformation of raw materials, we offer solutions in the storage of products as varied as those of the market of the feeding, chemistry, recycling, construction, fishing, mining, agricultural inputs, hardware, gardening or even in the matter of dangerous goods.

TRADECOR has implemented, as a basis for its business, the establishment of strategic alliances with highly reliable manufacturing companies with high quality standards, in order to ensure a long-term relationship with our Clients.

To provide efficient and high quality solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


To be a leader in the market of flexible polypropylene packaging, always at the forefront of the most innovative technology, hand in hand with our national and foreign business partners.


Great ideas are still only ideas unless there is a committed team of people, committed to making them a reality and that is exactly what you will find in TRADECOR. The effort of our work has allowed us to grow, we are an innovative company that thanks to the teamwork with our commercial partners inside and outside the country who constantly work in the creation of innovative solutions, aligned to the constant search for improvements in their packaging .

We are a large family with a common goal that unites us, providing a quality product, providing the best service at a reasonable cost.

Expert Advise

Having access to qualified interlocutor, business area by business area. Organised by business area, Tradecor’s teams have a strong knowledge about the technical and regulation requirements of your business. Omnipresent on the road, we share your business culture and will advise you throughout your project in a relationship of trust and transparency.

Customized Recommendations

Benefiting from our added value expertise.

To meet the specific requirements of its customers, Tradecor has set up a project management team. Thanks to our data system’s integration with those of our factory partners, we are able to recommend the best solution tailored to your criterias, such as delivery time, performance, price, customization, ans much more.

Constant quality

We care about certifying the quality of the products we sell, maintaining a close relationship with our business partners by visiting their factories constantly and conducting tests in external laboratories.

Compliance with norms

Tradecor only works with internationally recognized and certified manufacturing partners that comply with current ISO and Ohsas standards. For your peace of mind, we control the production of our business partners through regular audits.

optimised logistics

We help you save time and money, take advantage of negotiated rates with our partners, in addition to personalized production, we can offer you an available inventory of standard or specific products that can be delivered to you very quickly.

perpetual innovation

By regularly creating new products, we are one step ahead of market developments or adapt to them. This spirit of innovation allows us to constantly offer high performance products at a reasonable cost.

enviromentaly responsible

Tradecor and its manufacturing partners comply with the standards and commitment to the environment, through the best work practices.

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